Is the Samoyed Breed right for me?

a samoyed dog

Samoyed is one of the most beautiful breeds of dog and tend to make great family pets. Is the Samoyed breed right for me? Just keep in mind that the Samoyed like most dogs will take some responsibility and daily care. You must be able to spend time with your dog on a daily basis. The decision to purchase any dog should be done as a family. You need to research all dogs and select one that is child friendly. Samoyeds are great with children. They are gentle medium size dogs and very affectionate too. Talk to other Samoyed owners and ask about the pros and cons of being a dog owner. You can also contact a breeder in your immediate area and ask questions.

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Samoyed Breed Profile

beautiful Samoyed in the snow

The Samoyed mid-sized breed the measures 18-20 inches tall in females and 20-22 inches males; the males generally masculine appearance with hut the roughness and females have a more feminine exterior wthut appearing weak. The dogs are graceful, and at the same time strong and active. These dogs have long nd thick double-coat; th double-coated Samoyed wll require great deal f grooming. Th outer coat typically harsher thn th undercoat, but is tll soft t the touch. Th under coat short, thick, and woolly in texture, this coat helps the dogs thrive in cold weather. In fact, Samoyeds were originally bred working dogs for the Siberian tribesmen; the Samoyed an rltvl hardworking breed that thrives on outdoor activities. Continue reading...

Samoyeds and Wobblers Disease

Canine Entropio

Wobbler disease ru group f medical conditions if malformation f cervical vertebrae in the neck nd spinal column tht results nt weakness and change on gait. The syndrome is l referred to spondylolithesis. The other common names for this disease are cervical spondylomyelopathy, cervical vertebra malformation nd cervical vertebra instability.

Wobbler disease results in spinal cord compression, inter-vertebral disc protrusion, malformation of vertebrae, articular facets and ligaments. The disease meat commonly noticed in dogs and horses. Wobbler disease in dogs uull fund in larger breeds such as: Continue reading...

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